Payback 2.106 Released

We've just released a significant new update for Payback 2 that adds two new cities as well as two campaign episodes. The full changelog is here.

22 May 2023 / Read more..

Payback 2 Updated

Version 2.105 has been released. It quadruples the resolution of some textures, fully supports Android 12 and generally works a lot better on modern devices. Read the full changelog here.

10 July 2022 / Read more..

Extended Payback 2 Trailer Released

We've released a longer trailer showing off the new characters and ragdoll physics in Payback 2. We've also released a small update which tweaks cops and the capture the swag time limit - read what's new here.

4 January 2019 / Watch trailer..

Payback 2.104 Out Now

A new update for Payback 2 has been released - it adds ragdoll physics and lots of new character customisation options. You can read the full changelog here. We've also posted a new trailer here.

14 December 2018 / Read more..

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