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Payback 2

Latest release (Android): v2.106.11, 18 January 2024
Latest release (iOS): v2.106.10, 8 January 2024

v2.106.11, 18 January 2024: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.10, 8 January 2024:
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated app integrity protection (Android only)
  • Raised minimum supported version of Android to 6.0.
v2.106.9, 21 September 2023:
  • Fix for not being able to sign into Game Center on iOS 17 (iOS only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.8, 18 September 2023: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.7, 7 September 2023: (Android only)
  • Improved support for Android 13
v2.106.6, 17 August 2023: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.5, 8 July 2023: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.4, 4 July 2023: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.3, 12 June 2023: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.2, 10 June 2023: (Android only)
  • Fixed volume controls and back button not working
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.1, 24 May 2023: (Android only)
  • Switched to GameActivity for improved stability
  • Updated to latest Google Play billing library
  • Bug fixes
v2.106.0, (iOS: 22 May 2023, Android: 19 May 2023):
  • Added 2 new cities to explore!
  • Added 2 new campaign episodes!
  • Added app integrity protection (Android only)
  • Lots of tweaks and bug fixes
v2.105.4, 12 January 2023: (Android only)
  • Made the helicopter race in campaign mode easier
  • Bug fixes
v2.105.3, 11 August 2022:
  • Bug fixes
v2.105.2, 5 August 2022:
  • Bug fixes
v2.105.1, (iOS: 29 July 2022, Android: 15 July 2022):
  • Includes relevant improvements from 2.105.0 (iOS only)
  • Raised minimum iOS version to 10.0 (iOS only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.105.0, 10 July 2022: (Android only)
  • Quadrupled resolution of some textures
  • Improved support for Android 12
  • Fixed excessive speed on high frame rate devices
  • Improved detection of invalid player data when online
  • Made the helicopter race in campaign mode easier
  • Updated to latest Google Play billing library
  • Optimised SDK usage
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.12.4, 20 May 2021: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.12.3, 14 May 2021: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.12.2, 11 May 2021: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.12, 9 May 2021: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.11, (iOS: 23 April 2021, Android: 5 May 2021):
  • Fix for problems with iOS 14.5 (iOS only)
  • Fixed sign in problems (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.10, 19 September 2020: (iOS only)
  • Fix for problems with iOS 14
v2.104.9, 26 June 2020: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
  • Raised minimum supported Android version to 5.0
v2.104.8, 21 April 2020: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.7, 6 March 2020: (Android only)
  • Fixed sign in problems
  • Fixed irony bonus
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.6, 3 December 2019: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.5, 28 November 2019: (Android only)
  • Added 64 bit support
  • Optimised install size
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.4, 12 July 2019: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.3, 4 January 2019:
  • Increased time limit to deliver the swag
  • Regular cops now use pistols
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.104.2, 18 December 2018: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.104.1, 17 December 2018: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
  • Raised minimum supported Android version to 4.1.x
v2.104, 14 December 2018:
  • Added ragdoll physics
  • Added loads of new apparel
  • Added aim sensitivity option
  • Added a time limit to deliver the swag
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.103, 26 June 2018:
  • Totally new character models and animations, including female characters
  • Loads of new character and weapon customisation options
  • Completely reworked weapons - for example, explosives can now be attached to objects
  • Option to reset your progress (see the "extras" menu)
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.102.4, 19 December 2017: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.102.3, 8 December 2017:
  • Fixed hang when device goes to sleep (iOS only)
  • Fixed crash loading allegro city (Android only)
v2.102.2, (iOS: 7 December 2017, Android: 4 December 2017):
  • Reduced download size (Android only)
  • Fixed excessive game speed on new iPads (iOS only)
  • Raised goal indicator in races so it doesn't overlap with route arrow
  • Various other bug fixes
v2.102.1, 27 November 2017: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.102, 23 November 2017:
  • Significant environment quality improvements - much higher texture resolution and improved lighting (fresnel is now supported)
  • Added loads of new event variations to all game modes, particularly Capture The Swag and race-type events
  • Added two new campaign episodes
  • New game mode, city and vehicle control icons
  • Added iPhone X support (iOS only)
  • Added customisable graphics settings
  • Added separate "in vehicle" vs "on foot" camera settings
  • Added "No Ads" IAP
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.101.2, 25 September 2017: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.101, 22 September 2017:
  • Added two new vehicles: X550R and Rambler
  • Added cloud save support
  • Added status messages and other HUD improvements
  • New UI font
  • Multiplayer bug fixes
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.100, 10 July 2017:
  • You can now invite anyone to a multiplayer match by sharing a link or shortcode
  • Added vehicle headlight controls
  • Multiplayer bug fixes
  • Vehicle handling tweaks
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.99, 16 June 2017:
  • Added more options when creating public multiplayer matches
  • Added muting to chat
  • Police siren and wanted level improvements
  • Vehicle control improvements
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.98, 19 May 2017:
  • Campaign and story mode are now free!
  • Added an option to lock the game mode in public multiplayer matches
  • New flamethrower pickup model
  • Tweaked campaign difficulty
  • Bug fixes
v2.97.4, 10 May 2017: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.97.3, 3 May 2017:
  • New remote bomb model
  • Bug fixes
v2.97.2, 21 April 2017: (Android only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.97, 12 April 2017:
  • Wheels can now come off vehicles
  • Improved vehicle weapon impact effects
  • New shotgun pickup object
  • Helicopter now autohovers
  • Used casings now eject from weapons
  • Performance improvements, including better LOD-ing
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.96, 21 March 2017:
  • New autoturret model and animations
  • Particles now have shadows
  • Weapons now damage the environment
  • You can now shoot through some surfaces, and shots are 4x faster
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.95, 3 March 2017:
  • Campaign events can now be permanently unlocked, and unlocked without coins
  • Improved rocket, grenade and minigun models
  • Added speedometer and other HUD tweaks
  • File size optimisations - saved about 6.5MB, despite adding more stuff to the game
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes, particularly to multiplayer
v2.94.2, 8 February 2017: (Android only)
  • Fixed rendering of character in customise section and globe in campaign section
  • Various bug fixes
v2.94, 1 February 2017:
  • Added first person mode!
  • Game mode HUD improvements, particularly in Kingpin
  • Added "killed by" information when waiting to respawn
  • Added some hidden boats around the cities
  • Added gear and RPM indicator
  • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes, particularly to multiplayer
v2.93.3, 16 December 2016:
  • Fix for not being able to fly helicopter with the "joystick" control scheme
  • Fixed several intermittent crash bugs
  • Made vehicles take less damage in impacts, trucks harder to roll
  • Moved up/down control on small screen devices away from screen edge
  • Daily reward fixes
v2.93.2, 13 December 2016: (Android only)
  • Fixed crash on startup on Android 6.0 devices
  • Fixed intermittent crash on startup on some devices
v2.93, 12 December 2016:
  • Completely rewritten physics engine for improved handling, collisions and destructability:
    • Proper rigidbody system - objects tumble and crash realistically
    • Almost all scenery objects (even trees if you hit them hard enough) are now breakable, and many can catch fire
    • Realistic suspension, tire and transmission simulation
    • Simulation of small bumps on rough surfaces
    • Much less gravity than before (although still about 80% more than realistic as it's more fun that way)
  • Improved vehicles:
    • Helicopter - including much more versatile control system for much more freedom of movement, but more skill required
    • Truck - now articulated
    • Hotrod - improved handling model means you can now do donuts!
    • Van
    • Pickup truck
    • Ice cream van
    • Fjord
    • Bus
  • You now shoot forward from vehicles, rather than sideways
  • Reworked "wanted" system, including display of your wanted level
  • Completely rewritten particle system for improved explosions, wind effects, smoke and tire debris
  • Reworked the cities and some campaign events:
    • Added pavement edges
    • Slopes are now less unrealistically steep
    • Several campaign events are now completely different, and include new vehicles
  • Completely rewritten skidmark system
  • New and improved sound effects - variable tire effects, wind, brake hiss, engine sounds, impacts and metal scraping
  • Reworked scenery objects: Bollard, rock, briefcase, key, cycle sign, gravestone, prison bed and bedside table
  • Traffic vehicles now flash their headlights if they think you're going to hit them
  • Added different wheel types to the vehicles
  • Added an indicator for when grenades are about to explode, or your car in knockout mode
  • Performance optimisations
  • Loads of other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.92.2, 13 April 2016:
  • Minor bug fixes
v2.92, 1 February 2016:
  • Improved the appearance of the Mundaneo, statue and radar objects
  • Fixed rendering issue with burnt vehicles
  • Stopped some vehicles disappearing after a task switch in certain circumstances
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.91, 8 January 2016:
  • Added lights and exhaust particle effects to all new vehicles
  • Much better looking vehicles:
    • Portia
    • Taxi
    • Cop Car
    • SWAT Van
    • Limo
    • Patrol Boat
  • Improved scenery objects:
    • Roadblock
    • Info Icon
    • Dummy
    • Snowman
  • Faster load times
  • Added iPad Pro-specific icon
  • Reduced download size on Android (101MB->80MB)
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes
v2.90.3, 11 December 2015: (Android only)
  • Fixed issue preventing the player's name from being shown sometimes
v2.90.2, 7 December 2015: (Android only)
  • Crash bug fixes
  • Removed unnecessary READ_PHONE_STATE permission
v2.90, 3 December 2015:
  • Massively improved shooting/aiming controls:
    • You can now aim up and down.
    • You can now aim without shooting.
    • Aiming is now mouse-style rather than joystick-style by default.
  • New icon
  • Much better looking vehicles:
    • Rocket Car
    • Pug Racer
    • Cop Car
    • Vapour Racer
  • Dramatically increased vehicle texture resolution.
  • Many improved environmental objects.
  • You can now have up to 10 human players in a multiplayer match.
  • Added iPad Pro support. (iOS only)
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes, including lots of fixes to multiplayer.
v2.89, 22 September 2015:
  • Added a third person view.
  • Added online chat.
  • Dramatically better looking vehicles with a completely rewritten lighting model:
    • Tank
    • Evo
    • Pug
    • Pug GTI
    • RC Truck
    • RC Car
    • Scooby
    • Vapour
  • Improved lighting, especially on night levels.
  • Improved appearance of trees, streetlights and water.
  • Added very high resolution sky textures.
  • Lots of graphics optimisations - performance is generally better than with the old viewpoint.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes, including lots of fixes to multiplayer.
v2.88.2: (iOS: 22 June 2015, Android: 9 July 2015)
  • Improved texture sharpness and colour.
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.88.1, 1 June 2015:
  • Performance improvements on low end devices. (iOS only)
  • Fix for multiplayer compatibility issues. (Android only)
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.88, 19 May 2015: (Dev Diary)
  • Completely rewritten graphics engine!
  • Completely redrawn environment textures - much sharper and higher quality than before.
  • Dramatically improved lighting.
  • 64 bit support (iOS only).
  • Resolution now adjusts dynamically to maintain a consistent framerate.
  • Speech compression improvements - smaller download size but at a higher quality than before (48KHz vs 22KHz).
  • Faster bullets, with better sound effects.
  • Added camera dirt, bloom, internal reflections.
  • Added screen shake.
  • Added CRT-style night vision effect on menu screens.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.87.3, 16 April 2015: (Android only)
  • Fixed an intermittent bug with video ad rewards.
v2.87.2, 13 February 2015:
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.87.1, 30 December 2014:
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.87, 16 December 2014:
  • The entire story mode from Payback 1 has been remastered and added to the game!
  • The 3 main cities from Payback 1 have also been added to the main game, and include support for all game modes.
  • There are 12 new race events and new Conquest, Kingpin and Capture The Swag zones on the new cities.
  • Added speech when hijacking cars and throughout story mode.
  • Added shadows to grenades and rockets.
  • Multiplayer compatibility fixes.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.86.1, 13 November 2014: (iOS only)
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.86, 7 November 2014:
  • Multiplayer is now free - no more time limits!
  • Added weapon customisation options, and reorganised the character customisation menus.
  • Made AI use weapons in vehicles.
  • Improved respawning in sprint/race/knockout events.
  • Made it so you lose control of your vehicle when it is on fire.
  • More unique sound effect for in-game notifications.
  • Improved the tutorial race.
  • Various other minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.85: (iOS: 28 October 2014, Android: 22 October 2014)
  • Added an arrow pointing towards the nearest enemy in Brawl and Gang Warfare events.
  • Added an option to control cop difficulty in custom rampage events.
  • Improved steering when using the "joystick" vehicle control method.
  • Vehicle handling improvements.
  • Made AI not abandon damaged vehicles in races.
  • Various other minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.84.1, 13 October 2014: (Android only)
  • Updated Spanish translations.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crash bugs.
v2.84, 10 October 2014: (Initial Android release)
  • Added support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • Significantly reduced level loading times, particularly on older devices.
  • Increased the field of view on small-screen devices.
  • Improved HUD image quality.
  • Limited the rocket's rate of fire to make the weapons more balanced.
  • Increased responsiveness of tilt controls.
  • Fixed multiplayer invites.
  • Added a Game Center sign in button when appropriate.
  • Reduced the maximum wait for more multiplayer time in the free version.
  • Increased respawn invulnerability duration to prevent spawn camping.
  • Hourly and daily challenge notifications are now only shown if you played the previous challenge.
  • Various other minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.82, 19 July 2014:
  • You can now get multiplayer time and unlock custom mode items without spending any coins in the free version.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect pistol shots in multiplayer.
  • Fixed incorrect race position and other issues in multiplayer race, sprint and knockout events.
  • Player's upper bodies now rotate correctly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed various bugs with the crime stats.
  • Stopped music resuming after a video even if the playlist was set to "none".
  • Made it so the player's car isn't always black.
  • Added a route up to the helicopter on the D-Town map.
  • Removed an invisible wall in Destra City.
  • Various other minor tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.80, 23 June 2014:
  • You can now shoot from vehicles.
  • The weapon selection system has been improved on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • You can now unlock campaign events without spending any coins in the free version.
  • All the vehicles are now about 20% faster.
  • Tweaked the difficulty of some campaign events based on user feedback.
  • Improved intro camera.
  • Improved the look of some parts of the user interface.
  • Reduced network load in multiplayer in certain situations.
  • Multiplayer racing improvements.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.78, 21 May 2014:
  • Multiplayer reliability improvements.
  • Changes to messages on the results screen.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.76, 8 May 2014:
  • The time until multiplayer matches start has been reduced.
  • The XP of all players is now shown in the multiplayer lobby.
  • You can now easily send friend requests to people in the current room.
  • Fixed several bugs that meant players joining an existing match would sometimes end up in an invalid state.
  • Fixed a bug where the multiplayer results could sometimes disagree between two devices.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the phone boxes ringing in rampage mode.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.74, 5 April 2014:
  • We've made major changes to multiplayer in this update! Here's a few of the biggest improvements:
    • We now have our own multiplayer servers. This means there can be more players in a match (now 8, twice as many as before - and we're working on increasing this further!) with less strain on your internet connection.
    • You can now see all the public matches that are going on around the world and pick the one you want to join.
    • Players can join and leave halfway through a match without ending the event for everyone else.
    • After each match players can vote on what the next event will be.
    • You can now invite your friends to matches already in progress.
  • There's also the usual collection of tweaks and bug fixes.
v2.72, 12 December 2013:
  • Improved HUD and menu quality on 4th generation iPod Touch
  • Bug fixes
v2.70, 4 December 2013:
  • Improved reliability on 4th generation iPod Touch
  • Added a visual effect when earning or spending coins
  • Localised Twitter and Facebook messages
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes
v2.68, 19 November 2013:
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Made it easier to find unplayed events
  • Reworked reward system for tell a friend/share
  • Quicker respawn in race/sprint/knockout events
  • Made it so you need to win to submit your score in brawl and gang warfare challenge events
  • Fixed a crash when resuming hourly and weekly challenges
v2.66, 1 October 2013:
  • There are now hourly and weekly challenges as well as the existing daily challenge!
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping some players from being able to submit their scores in challenge mode
  • Improved robustness, particularly on the 4th generation iPod Touch
  • The game now runs in Spanish on Mexican devices, rather than in English
v2.64, 26 August 2013:
  • Improved first-time user experience - there's now an introductory event and you're asked to chose your control scheme
  • More informative challenge leaderboards - your friends are now highlighted in blue, and your score and rank are now shown at the top
  • Better scoring in challenge mode - brawl and gang warfare now use time rather than CP, removed kingpin events as the scoring could often result in a draw
  • Reduced the max cost of unlocking the daily challenge
  • Fixed some iOS 7-related issues
  • Fixed a bug where inputs were sometimes incorrectly detected as being released
  • Fixed a bug where the rocket car was described as a remote controlled car in challenge mode
  • Fixed a bug engine sounds on some vehicles when damaged
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a score was shown as "new personal best" when it wasn't
  • Fixed intermittent crash when loading save data
  • Added support for Flurry interstitials and video ads
  • Switched to latest compiler for improved performance
v2.62, 9 July 2013:
  • Added a daily challenge with global leaderboards
  • Faster startup times
  • Improved match randomisation
  • Added more info to "other games" menu
  • Fixed an intermittent crash triggered by task switching rapidly
  • Fixed a bug where input was ignored sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where audio was silent sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where the intro would stall sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where the player would continuously shoot sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where game can't close a popup if the Game Center login pops up at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn't move until they re-pressed the screen after getting out of a vehicle using the "Touch 2" control scheme
  • Added optional interstitial video ads
  • Adverts are now shown after mp matches
  • Made game not show two popups in a row sometimes
  • Changed "XP to next rank" text
v2.60, 10 April 2013:
  • Improved control tutorials
  • You can now (optionally) earn coins by watching video ads in the free version
  • Improved "other games" menu in the free version
  • Changed how custom mode is unlocked in the free version
  • The multiplayer menu now shows how far from the next rank you are
  • Tweaked event prices and "thank you" reward in free version
  • Fixed a bug where the game would be restarted unnecessarily when a web page was opened, or if the player was in the middle of an IAP during a task switch
  • Made the helicopter take off automatically when using the "Touch 1" control scheme
  • Fixed bug where multiplayer menu could be slightly offset when in sub menu in some circumstances
  • The "tell a friend" message is now localised
v2.58, 18 March 2013:
  • Renamed the free version to "Payback 2" and the full version to "Payback 2 Pro"
  • Your progress is now automatically restored if you reinstall the game
  • Added "tell a friend"
  • Locked episodes now show how many stars are needed to unlock them
  • Made the game slightly more generous when detecting bullet collisions
  • Tweaked shotgun bullet spread pattern to be more distributed
  • Tweaked coin awards in the free version
  • Updated translations
v2.55, 1 March 2013:
  • The free version's unlock structure has been completely reworked
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when exiting an event
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause the player to shoot continuously
  • Fixed an intermittent bug that could cause sound effects to be temporarily disabled
  • Tweaked the difficulty of some levels
v2.50, 28 January 2013:
  • Lots of new and improved sound effects
  • Added a higher quality audio mixer
  • The total number of players is now shown in the "play" menu
  • Added a preview of custom mode in the free version
  • Unlock prices are now shown on buttons in the free version
  • Fixed a bug where the "retrieving leaderboard" message would show indefinitely if the player didn't have a Game Center account
v2.45, 11 January 2013:
  • Added a multiplayer leaderboard
  • Added different icons for each multiplayer rank
  • Added an option to challenge your friends to beat your rank
  • Added previews of locked events to free version
  • Fixed handling of game center and playlist names with non-ASCII characters
  • Reduced memory usage on iPad 1 to prevent crashes
v2.40, 15 December 2012:
  • Added a ranking system to multiplayer
  • Added an option to choose your playlist
  • More events are now initially unlocked in free version
  • Made free version award extra mp time for coming back each day
  • Various text changes
v2.35, 30 November 2012:
  • Redesigned icon
  • More events unlocked initially in free version
  • Added "more games" screen
  • Fixed mute-related issues
  • Various text changes
v2.30, 15 November 2012:
  • Added $5M and $10M targets to rampage mode
  • Stopped app sometimes crashing on task switch
  • More improvements to multiplayer connectivity
  • Removed an invisible wall from one level
  • Increased maximum number of fingers tracked to avoid potential issues
v2.20, 1 November 2012:
  • Added alternative touch controls for vehicles
  • Fixed multiplayer connectivity issues
  • Made touch controls work when driving a remote controlled car
  • Fixed some typos in the Spanish translation
  • Fixed issue where touch input sometimes didn't work
v2.10, 4 October 2012:
  • Initial iOS release