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Payback (GP2X)

Latest release: v1.1



  • Extract the archive into the root directory of your copy of Payback. This will extract the updated files into the "Payback" folder of the SD card.
  • Make sure you do not extract the files to the wrong directory or the game's copy protections measures may trigger, causing the game to fail to load. If this happens, remove the incorrectly placed files and try again.
  • The update is at your own risk. This update is for the full version of the game only - it will not work on the demo.

New Features

  • Mid-level save support
  • Added an option for the player to respawn if they get stuck
  • Added a message warning the player that they are about to overwrite an existing replay if they choose the same filename
  • Added an option to allow the player to delete replays
  • Disabled the handbrake when reversing as it was causing many people to think the controls were broken when going backwards
  • Added a version number to the loading screen
  • Initial release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed intermittent crash after playing the intro movie
  • Fixed an illegal memory access if the player jumped a car on top of the city wall and then got out
  • Fixed intermittent crash going from gameplay to the main menu
  • Fixed intermittent audio problems (incorrect frequency, distorted or silent)
  • Made replays more reliable
  • Fixed a small memory leak if the player saved a replay with the same name as an existing replay
  • Was unable to reproduce "briefcase guy gets stuck on fence sometimes" bug, but did adjust waypoints to reduce chances of it happening
  • Reduced sound stuttering when loading/saving
  • Initial release