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Notable Awards

iOS Reviews

"Payback is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive gaming experience the App Store has to offer."
TouchMyApps | Rating: Grab It | Read the full review (English)

"...Payback is a solid GTA-clone for the iPhone. Lots of guns, lots of driving, and really, really solid graphically."
Gizmodo | Read the full review (English)

"The sound in Payback is great. Just like GTA you have various types of music playing in the game, from drum and base, rock, pop and hip hop. ... The sound effects are good too, especially little details like the screaming passengers when you take a bus for a spin!"
iPhone Games Network | Rating: 4/5 | Read the full review (English)

"[Payback] comes highly recommended to fans of this type of open sandbox game. Most of you are definitely going to want to grab this title as soon as possible. However if you're offended by senseless murder, mayhem, or queasy at the sight of blood there is always some new gem game for you try, but for the rest of us itís time to grab that baseball bat and get some Payback!"
appVersity | Read the full review (English)

"Overall, the game is an INSANE value for the price you are getting. Presentation is great from top to bottom. The iPhoneís controls + Paybackís gameplay surely canít be ignored in this day and age of online multiplayer and rich 3D graphics."
The APPera | Read the full review (English)

"Itís a pretty big game, in terms of content and disk space. Itís 221MB! Thatís a pretty good MB to dollar ratio, but the real question isÖcan I run around town with a gun, steal some cars and wreak havoc? Yes. You can."
Appletell | Rating: 4/5 | Read the full review (English)

"Lest you think the iPhone is just a place to match three jewels or erect defense towers, Apex Designs' Payback lets you know the iPhone is quite capable of delivering murder and mayhem."
IGN | Read the full review (English)

"Moving through the gameís various cities, tossing grenades at oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, carjacking fast rides, and gunning down rival gangs makes for rather engrossing gameplay. Payback is a fast-paced game and the never-distant sound of police sirens add to the overall pacing and urgency. For fans of the genre, itís fun, solid action."
Touch Arcade | Read the full review (English)

"If you're a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series of games or are just looking for something that really pushes the boundaries of the iPhone and iPod Touch graphics and sound, you should definitely check out Payback."
MobileAppsToday | Read the full review (English)

"Folks have been waiting for a game like Payback to make its way to the iPhone and iPod touch gaming platform. I highly recommend they give Payback a spin."
AppCraver | Read the full review (English)

"The graphics are great, a bunch of weapons, over 5 languages, and it comes with 11 cities to conquer, giving you hours and hours of manslaughter gameplay."
App Store Apps | Rating: Recommended | Read the full review (English)

"The soundtrack, the graphics, the voices were all amazing ... If you have an iPhone and like the classic style view of GTA, pick up the game!"
Grand Theft Auto 4 HQ | Rating: Recommended | Read the full review (English)

"Extremely detailed graphics, and runs super smooth ... The game is lots of fun, time passes very quickly when playing."
Touch-Mania | Rating: 5/5 | Read the full review (German)

"If you love the GTA genre, Payback should definitely be on your device. You can play this game for a long time without ever getting bored. The modes available and the number of cities make it a must."
Italia Mac | Rating: Editor's Choice | Read the full review (Italian)

Interview on Pocket Gamer

GBA Reviews

"[Payback's gameplay] works well and sucks you in ... [It] is a decent game that plays well and looks good. It could even be a GTA beater ... [GTA] has opted for less realistic graphics, which look a bit naff compared to the grimy realism on show [in Payback]."
Official Nintendo Magazine | Rating: 80%

Cube Magazine | Rating: 8/10

"The smooth 3D engine, extensive possibilities and evergreen gameplay make Payback a top game for fans of the genre."
(Note: This is a translation of a quote from the German original.) | Rating: 83% | Read the full review (German - Translate to English)

GBA Previews

"Graphically, Payback is shaping up to be something of a first. The scale and sense of "3D-ness" is pretty amazing considering the technical limitations presented by the GBA hardware. Travis can cruise around under bridges, over flyovers, and other cityscape environments, and all the while the visuals make you feel as though you are truly in a 3D world. ... The game is shaping up to be a lot of fun ..."
GameSpy | Read the full preview (English)

"After playing around with the Game Boy Advance version of Payback, it's clear that Rockstar should simply halt development of the official Grand Theft Auto for the handheld ... this may be the most impressive 3D graphics on the GBA yet ... a graphically impressive, as well as enormously fun Grand Theft Auto-styled game."
IGN | Read the full preview (English)

"Payback will feature a full 3D graphics engine, which from what we saw, looks extremely good. ... All told, Payback looks like an extremely intriguing game, both technologically and from a gameplay perspective."
GameSpot | Read the full preview (English)

"What makes Payback so amazing however beside the gameplay, is the impressive 3D engine. Never did a Gameboy game have so much 3D-Power. ... The attention to the smallest details is particularly worth seeing. Among them weather effects, footprints in the snow, sparks when you collide with vehicles, skidmarks on the roads, amazing particle explosions with pressure waves, smoke, etc.."
(Note: This is a translation of a quote from the German original.)
Planet Gameboy | Read the full preview (German - Translate to English)

"One rarely sees 3D game with such a spectacular graphics on the GameBoy Advance.... The game is supported by a superb physics engine where each vehicle has different driving charactistics. ... the gameplay and also the technical presentation are perfectly convincing already."
(Note: This is a translation of a quote from the German original.)
Game Nova | Read the full preview (German - Translate to English)

Amiga Reviews

"An excellent blend of originality, humour and out-and-out destruction ... Apex Designs have done a wonderful job... Payback is much more than just 'Grand Theft Auto on the Amiga'"
Amiga Active | Rating: 3.5/4 - Active Gold Award

"Payback is one of the most playable and addictive games I have ever played on the Amiga... £34.95? That is a pretty good price. Amiga games are (in general) cheap, but if you consider the gameplay quality that Payback offers, it should have been higher! ... The most enjoyable game in years! ... Apex Designs have created a real classic!" | Rating: 91% - Gold Award | Read the full review (English)

"I'm pretty sure most people will like [Payback] a lot ... It is clear that [it] offers far more depth than you'd expect from a game that is so immediately playable. This game is an Amiga success story, and great fun. What more could we ask for?"
Amiga Games Database | Read the full review (English)

"Frankly, I am stunned by what [the author] has managed to wring out of such a humble Amiga. I have never even seen scene demos with engines that ran as well and looked as good as this on such a setup, and yet Apex Designs have managed to squeeze a game in there too ... and an extremely good one at that ... Highly recommended." | Rating: 4/5 | Read the full review (English) Read the review update (English)

"What you really want to know is 'should I buy this game?' ... If you want one of the best and most humoristic action games for your Amiga: absolutely." | Rating: 9/10 | Read the full review (English)

"Payback is a thoroughly classy game, which offers almost unlimited gameplay and a high fun factor."
(Note: This is a translation of a quote from the German original.)
No Risc No Fun | Rating: 5/5 - Super | Read the full review (German - Translate to English)

"All in all, Payback is for me the best game of the year."
(Note: This is a translation of a quote from the German original.) | Rating: 1.76 (1=Megahit, 6=Total failure) | Read the full review (German - Translate to English)

"Payback is a beautiful game ... The cities are gigantic and very realistic ... The multiplayer game is great fun and the editor increases the game's longevity."
Obligement | Rating: 86%