For sensible use of your map in Payback's rampage mode, you should set routes for the police cars.
Normally all police cars follow the normal traffic routes which you set with "F2" - "F6". If you are hunted by the cops, they will then only use the police routes:
The police car will head to the next node of a route. When it arrived there, it will follow the next link that brings it near you. A link can only be followed in one direction!

To get into the editor's routes modus, you have to press "R" on your keyoard. You should now see a white point in the middle of the screen. Thats your cursor.
When you now press "N" a node will be inserted und the cursor. With your arrow keys and "Q" and "A" you can change the position of the node. The height of the node should be the same as the street where the cars gonna drive on...
With "Return" you select the node, next to your cursor.
With "L" you can link the actuall selected node with the node next to the cursor. The first (selected) node is the start point of the route link. The second node is the destination of the new route.
On the right side, you can now see, node 1 got a link to node 2. You can also see, there are up to 4 links possible for every node.
With "1"-"4" you can delete the link with the same number.
With "D" you delete the selected node.

Keep attention that you guide routes around obstacles and not against street lights, because the police cars follow them exactly.


Here I gonna show you, how to get cars driving in your map.
I recommend, that you dont create a winter-map, because the cars will slide a lot more around, so you have to make extra roads.
Traffic flow:
You can choose for every square whether cars shall drive on it or not. Just select the square(s), where you want cars to drive on, and press F2 - F6. An arrow will appear showing the selected direction.
The keys have the following affects:
keyvehicles drive
"F6keep previous direction
Please note, that you have choose traffic directions ("F2" to "F5") to have drone cars in your map. You can also combine several directions. (But it's mostly not very usefull to combine north and south for example.)
Allthough roadblocks are not used in multiplayer game they are very good for the rampage mode.
If you set traffic routes with "F2" to "F5", you can allow the police to place roadblocks on that squares. You do this by selecting the field and pressing "B".
You should set at least two squares, but please don't do the same mistake like me (Ricco Clemens) setting roadblocks to every road square, cause then the cops will place it where they want. So better only make raodblocks with size of 1x2 squares...
Traffic lights:
The traffic light adjustment is an interesting theme. At first you need a street where you wanna place a traffic light on its side. With "F8" you have to shoose the traffic light. With "F9" and "F10" you can turn it around in the wished direction.
Now you have to select the square with the light and the street square, where you want the cars to stop.With "F7" you choose the timing of the lights.
On a crossing of 4 streets, it is the best to set two opposing traffic lights to red (1x drücken von "F7") and the other both to green (4x drücken von "F7").
Note the following things: The area which got red lights cant be accessed by drone cars, no matter from what side.
When you approach a traffic light, the first color it will show is the selected colour. It will change the colour later. You can use that to avoid Back-Ups at crossings on important streets.
Keys in the routes modus:
R De-/Activates the routesmodus
Return Select node
N New node
L New link
D Delete node
1 - 4 Delete link # 1-4
Q Move node up
A Move node down
Arrow keys Move node horizontally
With "F1" you can set the selected square(s) as a start position for pedestrians. They will walk where they want but they will be placed by Payback on these positions.
Starting position:
You should make 4 different start positions for players in your map.
Therefor you have to select a square, allow pedestrians on it ("F1") and then press "F7" one time to set it as a starting position. If you press "F7" again you can set a lower priority but then the square is not used as start position in a multiplayer game. On the right side you can see what 'special parameter' is selected.
"1" is a main start position for players.
"2" is a start position with lower priority (only used in singleplayer games).
"3" is a start position with the lowest priority (only used in singleplayer games).