New Payback 2 Update

We've just released a major new update for Payback 2. It includes dramatically improved character models and animations, and many additional customisation options. The weapons have also been significantly reworked. Read all the details here.

26 June 2018 / Read more..

Payback 2 Updated

Version 2.102 has been released. It dramatically increases environment texture resolution and shader quality, adds many more event variants and two new campaign episodes, as well as loads of other improvements. Read the full changelog here.

23 November 2017 / Read more..

Payback 2.101 Released

A new version of Payback 2 is now available. This release adds two new vehicles, cloud save support, UI improvements and more. You can see the full list of what's new here.

22 September 2017 / Read more..

Payback 2.100 Out Now

A new update for Payback 2 has just been released. This version includes a new multiplayer invite system, adds headlight controls and fixes several bugs. You can see the full changelog here.

10 July 2017 / Read more..

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