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Payback 2 Trailer

A new trailer demonstrating the improved graphics in the latest update for Payback 2 has just been posted here. Enjoy!

25 May 2015 / Read more..

Payback 2 Gets Next Gen Graphics Engine

We've just released probably the biggest ever update for Payback 2! It includes a rewritten graphics engine, completely redrawn, much higher resolution textures, 64 bit support and loads of other improvements. We've written a special dev diary going into detail about the changes. The usual change log is also available.

19 May 2015 / Read more..

Payback 2.87 Available

We've just posted a major update to Payback 2 - it now includes all the cities and the story mode from Payback 1! There's lots of other stuff too - check out the full list of changes here. Happy holidays!

16 December 2014 / Read more..

Payback 2.86 Out Now

The latest version of Payback 2 is now available. This version makes multiplayer free, adds weapon customisation options, makes lots of improvements to racing events and of course includes the usual collection of tweaks and bug fixes. The full change log is here.

7 November 2014 / Read more..

Payback 2 Updated

A new version of Payback 2 has just been released. This version makes various improvements to vehicle handling, particularly in high speed races. Click here for all the full list of changes.

28 October 2014 / Read more..

Payback 2 Lands On Android!

At last, the long awaited Android version of Payback 2 is ready! It supports everything from the iOS version, including cross-platform multiplayer - so you can finally have that grudge match you've been waiting for! Download it here.

10 October 2014 / Read more..

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