Main controlls of the editor

This is a short overview about the basic functions of the MapEditor. Please note, that in other parts of this tutorial will be described additional functions.
Mousemovements Scrolls the map
Mousemovements + right mouse button Zooms the camera of the MapEditor in and out
Left mouse button Marks cube or unmarks previous selection.
Hold left mouse button + mousemovement / "Q" / "A" Marks a whole region. Click left mouse button to unmark
L Loads map "test.#?"
V Saves map as "test.#?"
N Clears map
Esc Quits MapEditor
Z Switches Day/Night
XSwitch weather conditions Normal/Snow/Rain
C Copy marked region to clipboard
P Pastes from clipboard (cursor is the north-west corner)
Further informations:
The editor starts with the "Software Renderer Screen" and allways loads saves the map files as "test.#". Saved maps have to be renamed for use in Payback.
I sat down and made a tiny script, so you dont have to rename it by hand. But you need to create a "Payback:" assign or change the path in the script.
All informations about the map and the activated cube can be found at the right side of the screen in the status window.