At first, a short introduction, what can be counted as an object.
All cars, trees, street and traffic lights and a lot more.
In this part of the tutorial, I will show you, how you can place them on your map.
Every beginning is not heavy:
When you have loaded a map ("L"-key) or make a new one ("N"-key) choose a free area on the map for this practise.
With "F8" you can cycle through all available objects. Note, for doubled objects, you should take the first one.
After pressing F8 x timesObjectAfter pressing F8 timesObject
01xTraffic light 21xRadar
02xStreet lamp 22/23xBreak-down alarm light for buildings
03xStone 24xSuit-case
04xDeep red something 25xInformation
05xCrate 26xDeciduous tree (Winter)
06xFir 27xSnowman
07xdeciduous tree 1 28/29xWeapons
08xdeciduous tree 2 30xCar stop
09-14xWeapons 31xBed
15xPhone normal 32xSmall desk
16/17xPedestrian crossing light 33xSmall plant
18xChimney 34xStreet Lamp (Only use with Night mode!!)
19xBank 35xKey
20xPhone (getting called) 36xBreak-down alarm light (off!)
You can hold down "F8" to cycle fastly through the objects.
If you haven choosen the (weapon-) crate, you can set the content with "F7" By dfefault the crate is empty. For selection available is:
After pressing F7 x timesWeapon
With "F9" and "F10" you can turn the objects around the mid of the square. You need this for adjusting street lamps etc. Also, it looks a lot better if trees get turned randomly and away from buildings...

Add vehicles

On every Payback map up to 6 special vehicles can be placed. You can add everything from small cars up to tanks, helicopters, boats.
Press "O" to get in the object mode. In the same way, you can leave it.
With the keys "1" to "3" you can allow ice-cream vans, police vans and trucks on the streets. They will drive around randomly on the map.
With the "N" key you place a vehicle under your cursor in the mid of the screen. With "Enter" you select the vehicle next to this cursor.
A selected vehicle can be deleted with "D". The vehicle type can be changed with "S". With "W" and "E" you can turn it. The bold end of the line displays the back of the car. You can move the object around with the arrow keys and up and down with"Q" und "A".
OObject mode on/off
ENTERSelect object
NPlace new vehicle
DDelete vehicle
SChange vehicle type
W/STurn vehicle
Arrowkeys/Q/AMove vehicle
1Allow/forbid ice cream van
2Allow/forbid police van
3Allow/forbid trucks