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Payback 2 (iOS)

Frequently Asked Questions

The game does not install

The installation process is handled by Apple, so your best bet is usually to contact them in these situations - their forums are often quite helpful.

However, these issues can usually be solved by deleting and redownloading the app, and make sure you have enough space available on your device.

The game exits/crashes as soon as I run it

It's possible you're running out of memory - try rebooting your device.

Who wrote the game's music?

The game only includes one music track - Requiem Mass in D minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which is used in the intro and occasionally in-game. However, it can also play whatever music you happen to have on your device. You can choose which playlist is used via the options menu - select "none" to disable playback altogether.

If your question is not answered above then please contact us.